the Loom family
Co-editors and Publishers
Noel'le Longhaul
Jess X Chen

Web Designer:
Lily Jen


Radical Places that Will Carry Loom:

Lucy Parsons Center, Boston MA
Blue Stockings Activist Center and Book Store, New York NY
More to come!


Contributing Artists:
Elizabeth Roberge (Cover Artist)
Thomas Lyon Mills
Lily Jen
Chelsea Granger
Myles Dunnigan
Johnny Andimando
Alicia Brown
Alex Krokus
Katie Ross (splash page and back cover artist)
Yuan Zheng
Sarah Green
Jane Kim


Contributing Writers:
Franny Choi
Paul Tran
Fatimah Asghar
Wren Awry
Heather Bell
Christopher Johnson


Special Thanks:
RISD Programming Board
Rick Benjamin
The initial support for Loom came from a generous fund from Rhode Island School of Design's Programming Board.


Fat Heart Press
Flying Object
Heavy Water Distro (anarchist artist, writers, collective)